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FiveStar SS Assassination FiveStar SS Assassination

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hpapy bday 5star ya shcmunk

good game tooo, quite good fun for me!

Dress up Dagger Dress up Dagger

Rated 5 / 5 stars


that scared the crap outta me mayn good job!

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

thanks :D

Blam Game Blam Game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty fun.

I liked this game a little bit. Although it was much too easy (I had to purposely start speeding up the swfs just so I could be challanged) I still enjoyed it. I liked how you could press S to stop the music, and I liked the additional powerup.

Overall, good job.


ssjskipp responds:

Lol, thanks =D

Score 4! Score 4!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is very fun

This is a very interesting game. I love how you get new abilities with each level. Although that would not be too hard to actionscript, I also realize that no one has ever really tried that. This game is very well done. However, if you plan on making a second version, PLEASE redo the graphics to a little better quality. Possibly some sort of human or something, it would make the game look very nice.

Also, what song is that, it's awesome.

King of Buttons 2 King of Buttons 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Surprisingly Fun

However, I found a glitch in hold. It seems that if you hold the space button, and keep it held when you exit the screen the flash is on (works on Firefox, atleast) the button is kept held the entire time, so I havee it held right now as I write this review.

Also, just as I saw, you spelled cancer wrong in the hold the button thing.

Oh yeah, Good you didn't FALL not fell. You are bad at da English.

In depth review time.

Ohp you spelled stomach wrong as well.


Graphics: Neat pictures you put as backgrounds, they are all swell.

Style: This is stylish, but I can't give it full style points because there is already a first one, so it isn't completely stylish.

Sound: Fantastic music, Benny Bennasi and System of a Down some how go surprisingly well together. However, what is the second song? To me, it's the best one, as I've heard both Chop Suey and Satisfaction enough (although this was a different Satisfaction then I have heard)


Interactivity: This is a pretty swell game in terms of interactivity. I gave this a 8 due to the fact it is just dealing with buttons. However, I added the other 2 due to the music changer, background changer, button changer, etc. Highscore tables are a plus as well.

Humor: Some of the stuff you wrote, story mode, etc. is fun. It's good to see that you didn't over do the story mode with grand graphics and such.

Gamecubicle, your one of the few fantastic artists who submits on a relatively often basis that isn't overrated or a sellout. Your claymations are much better quality than Knox, your tutorials are amazing, and you put alot of extra fun stuff into your games.

I don't want to be seeming like I am kissing your ass or any of that, but hell, your a great flash artist. I can't wait to see more in the future.

Great job.


Thanks :D

You dont wanna believe it btw... but my english is better then most other people around here XD

I noticed about the hold bug... ahhh well. Its still fun :)

Denvish Stage Dive Denvish Stage Dive

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty swell game Mr. Fulp

However, I won't kiss your ass like alot of people will and gtive you tens across the board, though I have been getting into indephth reviews lately, and I suppose you should get one as well.

Graphics: Since when did you become a giant head? The graphics were ok, mostly images and a black crowd that moved a little bit.

Style: This was somethign I had never seen done before, a typing game to keep a guy up in the air. I've never seen a guy into folk music stage dive before :-/

Sound: Great song, the laugh was annoying though, but the song is still great.

Violence: I suppose falling counts as violence, and you tore apart a stage.

Interactivity: I gave it an 8 just at the fact that it was something unique, I had never seen a typing flash game before that was entertaining.

Humor: The music was humorous, and you popping out and constantly giving a half-assed Godzilla yelling impression was worth a chuckle.

This was a fun game, and I bet Denvish is plenty happy to be able to stage dive to his own country music in such an odd game.


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D-Day in Normandy D-Day in Normandy

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I have wanted a game like this, in any format (be it a huge studio game or a fun online game like this) for years. I was let down by Frontline and never was able to get allied assault to work. However, this was my answer.

All though I sucked pretty hard (I lost too many of my squad) this is outstanding.

Here's the breakdown.

Graphics: The graphics are beautiful. Although when using the hand tool, you see just up to the elbow, and then it's invisible, it's still pretty good. All of the other graphics look great, as well. The enviroments are stunning, and interactive, another plus. This game has to be one of the most beautiful flash games out there. However, during the beginning, the intro thing with the text and then the plane that crashes and such, it's annoying, the flashy part. I know it is to make it look like an old style film, but it's quite annoying and wasn't done all too well. That's the only thing I really was against, because it made the beginning look, for lack of a better term, crappy. Other than that though, Kudos

Style: Not once have I seen a flash FPS pulled off this well. This blows all others away. The graphics are stylish as well, as usually, games consist of cartoonish vectors. This however, breaks away from that.

Sound: Good picks in terms of music and all sounds go with the war amazingly. It's a lovely experience for my ears.

Violence: It's a bloody world war II game, and Normany at that. Not much more violence is possible, unless gore and artillery shells shredding troops to nought but a bloody stump were added, but that would take away the novelty of a good, bloodless game.

Interactivity: Interaction with all of the enviroment, cover can be taken, windows can be broken, and boxes can be shot and opened. Along with the ability to grab health and such, the possibility to change difficulties, and all of that, it's great.

Humor: This one is self-explanatory.

Overall: This is an outstanding game, it's current score (which was in the high 3's at the time of this review being written) is not nearly reflective of how great this flash game is. It should easily be in the 4's, and it's obvious Newgrounds is populated by idiots blinded by the fact that this game was not made by a studio, but by a single person, and this is an outstanding accomplishment.

But please remove that god damned camera filter sort of thing :D

Thank you for making such a great game, and I'm sure it will enjoy great success.

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Insult Generator 2 Insult Generator 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good job

Glad you took my advice (unless you already had the idea) of a music player :)

Interesting to see you added verbs to the mix. Great job nonetheless.

I don't see how this could get any better aside from the addition of new instults, though you've got enough in here to last foreva.

Great job.

Banjax responds:

Thanks very much FLCLmonkey!

Insult Generator V1 Insult Generator V1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Well Done

I saw many great insults come out of this.

I don't know if this was th ere though, but bum-sex craving would be good for an adjective.

Or anal sex or however you wish to call it, but great job nonetheless.

However, it needs music. Adding a simple music box


[1 2 3 stop] with 3 songs and one that just stops them would be very nice.

Insult your friends while listening to good tunes.

Can't wait for an update/better version.

Banjax responds:

Yeah I thought about doing that - I don't know if it would be worth the larger file size.
However I may make a better, 'heavier' version with music, sound effects and more insulting extras.
Thanks for the review!

Wade vs The StarSyndicate Wade vs The StarSyndicate

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very fun time

I was trying to decide what you meant by this game when I first played it, whether you hated the SS or not, but I read a review response you made that stated that you love us so I was happy.

This has to be my favorite game on NG either way, even when I played it before and thought it might be anti-SS, I felt guilty because I loved it so much :P

Great job